Rama Paper

Company with a track record of 30 years.

Unit - Rama Paper - Vapi

Engaged in manufacturing various types of papers mainly cultural and specialty grades. We have firmly positioned ourselves as a most prominent quality paper manufacturing company based at Vapi in Gujarat state on India.

Today Rama Paper has grown from strength to strength with its diversified product mix and strategic marketing plan. Keeping in consideration of Global Environmental concerns and sustainability, the product mix at RPPL is FSC compliant. With further expansion programs at hand, Rama Paper is now looking ahead to meet emerging challenges both in domestic as well as overseas markets.

Committed for its quality standard globally Rama Paper is positioned as a key player to compete with the best in the industry. Company’s products are well accepted and are always in good demand.

Products Line-Up

Products Mac D Kraft For Paper Bags / Absorbent Kraft OTC Base Paper / MG White / Colour Tissue
Substance 50 - 120 GSM / 100 - 220 GSM 18-19 & Above GSM
Capacity 40 TPD / 80 TPD 20 Tons/Day

Manufacturing Specialty Grades

Product Absorbent Kraft Paper
GSM 100-220 GSM
Uses For manufacturing High Pressure laminates
Product MG Poster
GSM 18-21 GSM
Uses Base paper for manufacturing One Time Carbon and Pencil Carbon.
Product MG White Tissue, Colored Tissue
GSM 18-20 and Above GSM
Uses For manufacturing Napkin (Hard) and Gift Wrap and Fruit Wrap.

A professionally qualified team of managers and executives, who settle for nothing less than the best, are relentlessly and painstakingly at work to ensure that the company keeps its momentum and marches ahead on a progressive path with geometrical growth.

A leader in paper making, RPPL with its relentless efforts and progressive outlook, is marching ahead to meet the ever-growing demands of its valued customers.


Make of Machine & Type of Machine (Paper M/C)

American Make MF paper line with Indian / European make Paper machine/pulp mill and stock preparation equipments with the provision of watermark dandy roll system.
German Make “VOITH” high speed, modern Yankee Machine, with latest head box and provision for dandy roll.


The Company is drawing power from Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd (DGVCL) and has a connected load of 3000 KVA.


The Company has got a connected load of fresh water of 300 cu/Day from GIDC, with discharge facility to central Effluent Treatment Plant maintaining CPCB/GPCB norms, through our Effluent Treatment Plant and sludge handling system.


  • Increased capacity of paper machine 1 from 45 TPD to 60 TPD and underway to achieve 80 TPD with capacity enhancement programme.
  • Achieved huge energy saving due to efficient condensation system reducing steam intake.
  • Improved quality by addition of sophisticated Quality Control Instruments.
  • Launched new product "Kraft for paper bags" as an environment friendly alternative to plastic bags. With the ban on use of one time plastic bags from 2nd Oct 2019, potential for this product is huge.
Our Products


Rama Paper deals with a wide range of products in Specialty and Cultural grades of paper, build the spectrum of products on its two manufacturing lines, which are serving the respective segments. Rigorous, vigilant and strict quality parameter has given an edge over the competitors.


  • Writing & Printing Grade for offset printing / Note Book manufacturers.
  • Envelope papers in all colour range.
  • Premium Absorbent Kraft Papers for Lamination grade.
  • High Strength Kraft Papers as per customer specifications.


  • One Time carbonizing Base Paper for continuous stationery, to be used up to six parts.
  • MG Poster for Pencil Carbon base papers.
  • White MG Tissue for industrial packaging, Gift Wrap, Napkin, & Fruit Packaging.
  • Thermal Papers / Text Wrap for Interleaving purpose in textile industries can be used up 200°C.
  • MG Poster for food grade papers for ultraviolet rays protection.

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